Cavalor GASTRO AID paste

Cavalor GASTRO AID paste

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Gastro Aid Paste from Cavalor helps neutralize acid production and heal stomach wounds to support horses suffering from gastric ulcers. By supporting digestive and saliva-producing functions, this supplement helps protect the stomach wall without damaging good bacteria populations in the intestines.

Gastric ulcers can cause drops in performance, poor attitudes, dull coats, lack of appetites, and weight loss in horses. Gastro 8 helps combat ulcers and strengthen your horse’s digestive system in an easy-to-give paste.


  • Neutralizes stomach pH to help prevent irritation
  • Stimulates stomach healing
  • Encourages saliva production
  • Calming herbs help the horse destress in situations that would otherwise aggravate ulcers
  • Protects the lining of the stomach from acid exposure

Administer orally for 10 days. Dosage recommendation is 2 tubes per day for Days 1-5, then 1 tube per day for Days 6-10.