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Global Medics Immunotop

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Horses are confronted daily with negative external influences such as viruses, bacteria or air pollution. In order to protect itself against this, a good defense is essential. The natural resistance can be weakened by illness or under the influence of weather conditions, by genetic predisposition, age (foals, older horses), stress and during strenuous efforts.

Immunotop gives these horses the support they need to boost their immunity and maintain their condition.

Immunotop contains high concentrations of high-quality herbs and vitamin B12 to support the horse's natural resistance. The presence of siberian ginseng helps to combat fatigue after strenuous efforts and increases vitality. In turn, the trace element zinc is important for the proper production of immune cells. Finally, ribes nigrum and rosa canina act as antioxidants to boost vitality.

When is Immunotop used?

  • During or after illness, to speed up recovery
  • In (senior) horses, to maintain their body condition
  • In foals, to give them extra protection against infections
  • Horses that naturally exhibit impaired defenses
  • During periods of poor weather conditions (extreme cold or heat)

Packaging of 1L.