Global Medics MEDI CLAY

Global Medics MEDI CLAY

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Global Medics MEDI CLAY contributes to improved blood circulation and has a cooling and soothing effect on heavily strained legs and tendons. Contains natural clays.

Instructions for use:
Routine use: After heavy physical exertion, apply a layer of Medi Clay to the horse’s
legs and tendons to obtain rapid cooling. Allow to dry completely and rinse with water
until all clay is removed.
Intensive use: Wrap the clay with wet paper and a bandage. Then rinse with water
until all clay is removed. Repeat process after 24 hours if desired.

For external use only. Close bucket tightly to prevent the clay from drying out. Does not expire.

Ingredients: Kaolin, bentonite, iron sulphate, glycerine, zinc oxide, metha piperita and menthol crystals.
Packaging: 3kg and 10kg