LPC Tendonil Arnica

LPC Tendonil Arnica

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  • Legs and muscle soothing gel
  • Enriched with Immortelle essential oil

The use of Tendonil Arnica gel, enriched with Corsican Immortelle essential oil and with organic Arnica, makes it possible to stimulate blood circulation and contribute to sooth pains, local contusions and bruises, in horses at high work.


  1. External use.
  2. Apply Tendonil Arnica on legs and muscles by light massages, before effort for a good preparation and after to help the recovery of muscles and tendons.
  3. Do not rub.
  4. Do not use in prolonged application under bandages.
  5. Do not apply on open wounds or scrapes.

Tendonil Arnica does not contain any ingredients that could lead to a positive result during anti-doping tests, and can therefore be used safely in all circumstances.