Torpol Nelson Magnetic Dressage Saddle Pad EVO

Torpol Nelson Magnetic Dressage Saddle Pad EVO

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Dorsal part lined with Nelson™ wool knitwear, which protects against bruises and provides a delicate micro-massage. Helps to keep a constant body temperature and allows breathing through the skin. Made of durable, quilted denim fabric, resistant to abrasion. The inner Evolon® layer ensures great moisture-absorption, breathing and drying properties. Also, its structure prevents hair from penetrating the fabric, which makes the saddle pad easy to maintain.

Magnetic Field Therapy™ positively impact the flexibility of the horse’s back. The magnetic field dilates blood vessels, which speeds up the removal of toxins, recovery after an exercise and naturally balances out energy deficits. 

Design protected within the European Union under the industrial design rights.

Outer material: quilted denim (50% cotton, 50% polyester)

Inner material: Evolon® (70% polyester, 30% polyamide) lined with Nelson™ wool knitwear (100% wool)

Filling: 550g wadding (100% polyester)

Magnets: 10 Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) 3650 Gauss /pc, protected with PVC foil

Finishing: denim band (50% cotton, 50% polyester), strong tape, nylon inset (100% polyester)

Embellishment: TORPOL® embroidery