Unika Free To Fly pre-competition paste

Unika Free To Fly pre-competition paste

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  •  Ready-to-use single-dose syringe
  •  Supports joints during competitive efforts
  •  Ideal for use in competition

Complementary feed for horses

Free to Fly is a pre-competition paste complementary feed that helps sport horses’ joints endure efforts.

When to use Free to Fly

Free to Fly is the pre-competition syringe supporting joints during competitions. It can be especially helpful during periods of intense athletic efforts, when limb and back joints are particularly stressed.

Properties of its constituents

Extracts contained in Free to Fly have been chosen according to the most significant researches in the field of phytotherapy. Ash, feverfew and common nettle are three vegetable extracts that are well-known in phytotherapy literature for the role they play in improving joint mobility and overall well-being (22,23,38,77).

Instructions for use

Use 1-2 syringes of Free to Fly at least 4 hours before a competition.

(Since each horse has its own peculiarities feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in its diet gradually).