Unika Gastro Pellet 5kg

Unika Gastro Pellet 5kg

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Complementary pellet feed for horses

Gastro Pellet is the perfect complementary pellet feed to maintain horses’ physiological gastrointestinal well-being. Its formulation, which includes high-quality vegetable charcoal, extruded linseeds and liquorice, helps maintain physiological gastric well-being.

When to use Gastro Pellet

Gastro Pellet is a complementary feed that can be provided to:
– Horses needing to maintain their stomachs’ physiological conditions.
– Horses facing sudden changes in their diets.
– Horses that do not tolerate frequent transports well.
– Horses whose emotions affect their stomachs.

Properties of its constituents

Liquorice, vegetable charcoal, lithothamn and linseeds are the key of Gastro Pellet success, for their properties help maintain horses’ physiological gastric conditions.

Instructions for use

Provide 100 g of Gastro Pellet per day as far from main meals as possible. Increase the daily amount up to 200 g if required. The recommended length of time is 30 consecutive days.

(Since each horse has its own peculiarities feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in its diet gradually).