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Cavalor® Electroliq provides the necessary electrolytes for optimal recovery after heavy sweating. During stress, intensive exercise, hot summer days or travel, horses lose water and important minerals. Since they cannot build up reserves for this, it is important to replenish lost electrolytes right before or immediately after sweating. Cavalor® electrolytes prevent dehydration and help keep horses fresher, capable of faster recovery and able to handle longer periods of intensive training, competition and travel. Cavalor® Electroliq Balance are formulated in such a way that the minerals are easily absorbed in the correct proportions.


Cavalor® Electroliq contains isotonic and isoelectric mineral salts. Isotonic and isoelectric solutions allow for passive transport of the electrolytes, costing the body very little energy. Each mineral is essential for proper functioning of many different metabolic processes: Sodium is important in transporting fluids through the body. It is crucial in allowing the muscles to function well and for synaptic transmission, which is also potassium’s most important role. Too much sodium can impact potassium absorption. That is why after sweating, it is important not only to provide your horse with salt, but to always use an electrolyte mix that also contains potassium. Of all the electrolytes, chloride has the strongest presence in the sweat. Chloride balances the blood pH and plays an important role in the production of gastric acid. Magnesium in its turn relaxes the muscles and helps support optimal functioning of the nervous system. Calcium is also needed for proper muscle function and to pass on signals to the nerves. In addition, calcium contributes to sturdy bones, teeth and skin and plays a role in blood clotting, hormone metabolism and the supply of energy to the body’s cells. In addition to these minerals, the electrolytes also contain dextrose, fructose and citric acid. Dextrose encourages the absorption of Na+ and Cl- and fructose that of K+. Moreover, fructose increases palatability. Citric acid facilitates the body’s absorption of electrolytes as well. Sodium bicarbonate and sodium phosphate act as buffers. They maintain the acid-base balance and increase the muscles’ buffering to help neutralise lactic acid, combating stiff and tired muscles. Both products also have an enticing apple aroma to appeal to your horse, ensuring easy administration. The advantage of Cavalor® Electroliq Balance is that it tastes so delicious that the horse will eagerly consume the electrolytes. The product’s liquid form is a practical alternative to the usual powder supplements. The liquidity allows for homogenous distribution over the feed, meaning nothing is lost or left behind in the feed bin.

Cavalor® Electroliq Balance: 30 ml/day for ponies, 50 ml/day for sport horses