Cavalor ENERGY BOOSTER paste 60g

Cavalor ENERGY BOOSTER paste 60g

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CAVALOR ENERGY BOOSTER is a special blend of high-value electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, and salt that are easily absorbed to give the right energy for a fresh performance by the horse.


  • Electrolytes: To replenish the lost electrolytes after heavy effort. 
  • Vitamins B: Increase the absorption of oxygen in the tissue and blood; B vitamins improve the horse's endurance and performance; these are water-soluble vitamins that are immediately absorbed and have an immediate effect on the performance.
  • Glucose : immediate available energy source.
  • Amino acids: Important source of nourishment for muscle function and basic elements for the repair of damaged muscles; the added amino acids are absorbed immediately, guaranteeing fast, noticeable results.


Dosage per animal per day:
Ponies and riding horses: ½ syringe
Sport horses: 1 syringe Give half an hour before and/or immediately after the effort.
Maximum: 3 syringes per day