Cavalor MUSCLE FORCE 2kg

Cavalor MUSCLE FORCE 2kg

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Cavalor Muscle Force offers natural support to accelerate horses’ development of stronger muscles. Sport horses that are put back to work after a period of rest or lighter exercise, or young horses that are just broken to the saddle and being prepared for an examination often do not have a great deal of muscle power yet. Cavalor Muscle Force is a 100% natural solution that, when combined with training, will contribute to the development of lasting muscle mass and strength. Cavalor Muscle Force not only contains essential amino acids necessary for the synthesis of muscle protein, it also features active and inactive yeasts and a special herbal preparation to support muscle cell division. Stimulating the build-up of muscle cells and lessening their breakdown delivers lasting effects.

Supplement training with nutrients for maximum results. When your horse is in training, its muscles develop small tears. In order to heal these muscle fibres and build muscle proteins, your horse’s diet must provide the right essential amino acids in the right amounts. Under normal circumstances (maintenance), these are present in Cavalor feeds in sufficient quantity. To get a sport horse back into optimal condition faster after a period of rest or lighter training or to allow young horses to gain strength more quickly, a little additional support can be desirable.

Cavalor Muscle Force contains wheat gluten and rice bran as sources of protein and essential amino acids. Wheat gluten and rice bran are particularly rich in the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine. These contribute to efficient muscle recovery. Cavalor WholeGain contains plenty of rice bran as well.

Brewery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a good source of amino acids too. Moreover, the combination of live and inactive yeasts ensures healthy intestinal flora and promotes digestion. This allows the horse to get the most out of the feed’s energy and protein sources. The probiotics contain nucleotides, the “building blocks” of DNA and RNA chains, supporting muscle cell division. Increasing the muscle cell multiplication creates more muscle mass and more powerful muscles.

Cavalor Muscle Force contains a herbal preparation that influences the dynamic balance between muscle cell growth and breakdown, increasing the growth (anabolism) and decreasing the breakdown (catabolism) for rapid gains in muscle mass and strength.

Mix with feed, adding 45 g daily for sport horses and 30 g daily for ponies and recreational horses. An optimal result is achieved after 6 weeks. During this period, the muscles will be built up due to the interaction between training and nutrition, creating a relatively quick and lasting effect. If the horse simply continues with its training programme afterwards, a single 6-week course should be sufficient. In contrast to many muscle supplements that briefly create the illusion of a more muscular horse through fluid retention, Cavalor Muscle Force helps build muscle tissue, making the horse truly stronger.
1 measuring scoop = 15 g. Maximum 120 g per horse per day.

Tip: Years of experience have taught us that Cavalor Muscle Force will not achieve the desired results if the liver is not functioning well. A blood test may be used to check the liver function. We therefore recommend first administering Cavalor Hepato Liq for 10 days before starting with Cavalor Muscle Force.
Tip: Cavalor Muscle Force is given to increase muscle POWER. For the development of more muscle MASS, we recommend using Cavalor VitAmino.