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Global Medics Arti-Sport

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Arti-Sport is nutritional supplement for horses to maintain supple and healthy joints while supporting cartilage and promoting joint lubrication for sport horses. Thanks to the new and extremely powerful formula Arti-Sport will support and nourish the joints of the sport horse to the maximum. Nearly all professional riders feel within 3 weeks a clear positive effect on the movement of the horse, this Arti-Sport is a must for everyone with professional sport horses.

Arti-Sport contains a high dose of type 2 collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as hyaluronic acid, myristoleic acid and boswellia in optimal proportions. In addition, MSM, antioxidants, herbs with anti-inflammatory action and a range of minerals and vitamins were added to make this supplement the most effective and most complete product.

To comfort even more, often Arti-Sport is given as a cure/maintenance therapy and as additional support P-Block the evening before and during the event


  • In periods when the musculoskeletal system is heavily loaded
  • During the competition season because of its doping-free composition
  • With chronic cartilage damage
  • After orthopedic surgery (horses in which OCD fragments are removed from the joint)
  • Preventive in sport horses that make heavy efforts
  • Horses with a sensitive musculoskeletal system

Packaging: 2,7kg

30g 1 x a day