Global Medics Gastro Care 1,2kg

Global Medics Gastro Care 1,2kg

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Stomach complications in horses are one of the most common conditions. This pathology affects not only sport horses but can also occur in recreational horses, broodmares and even young foals. Gastric complications occur because the stomach lining is damaged by excessively acidic stomach contents.

On the one hand, Gastro-Care+ neutralizes excess stomach acid and, on the other, protects the stomach lining from irritation. Thanks to the addition of glutamine and sodium bicarbonate, Gastro-Care+ is going to speed up the recovery of the damaged mucosa. Matricaria recutita and magnesium have a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Gastro-Care+ has an extremely potent action on the digestive system in horses, protecting the stomach lining so that gastric complications are less likely to occur.


  • During periods of increased stress, competitions, box rest, rehabilitation, etc.
  • As a post-treatment of a course of Omeprazole
  • In horses prone to developing stomach problems
  • During periods of poor appetite


  • Pot of 1.2 kilograms (cure of 30 days)


  • First 10 days, mix two scoops (30 grams) per horse, per day in the feed
  • Then for 20 days, mix one scoop (30 grams) per horse, per day in the feed

Composition: calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, Ulmus fulva, maltodextrins, magnesium hydroxide, Matricaria recutita, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Brassica oleracea. Aromatic substances: l-glutamic acid (2b620) 50,000 mg/kg. Technological additives: lecithin (soybean,1c322) 260,325 mg/kg.