Global Medics Muscle Relax

Global Medics Muscle Relax

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Muscle-Relax was specially developed for horses with stiffness at the level of the back and neck muscles, tired muscles and stress. It improves the general condition, supports the skeleton, improves nerve conduction and helps the muscles to recover and relax faster.
In addition to primary back and neck problems, very slight irregularities in movement or balance can also cause a horse to unevenly burden itself, resulting in stiffness at the level of the back or neck. Even after the initial problem has been solved, back and neck pain can persist for a long time and reduce performance. 

When is Muscle relax used?

  • Stressful horses
  • Horses with back and neck problems
  • Horses in rehabilitation after orthopedic problem/orthopedic surgery
  • Sport horses

1 scoop (35 milliliters) per day (85-day course of treatment)